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 Welcome to GL Uhak Malaysia! As the Director of GL Uhak's Kuala Lumpur branch, I'm honored to extend a warm greeting to you. Aligned with our esteemed headquarters in South Korea, our mission is to deliver unparalleled support to individuals striving towards academic excellence.

 With an extensive network of esteemed institutions spanning South Korea, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and beyond, we take pride in offering tailored solutions to fulfill your educational aspirations. Whether you seek guidance for university placements, international school admissions, or visa assistance, GL Uhak Malaysia is your trusted partner on your academic journey.

 Explore our comprehensive services and embark on a path to success with GL Uhak Malaysia!

GL Uhak

 With a 13-year legacy of unwavering commitment, GLUhak stands as a beacon of support for students worldwide. Our extensive network spans across Cambodia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and beyond, facilitating seamless academic transitions for those aspiring to pursue education in South Korea.

 Expanding our footprint into the Malaysian market, GLUhak reaffirms its pledge to offer unparalleled support for students pursuing their academic dreams. In Malaysia, our services have evolved to encompass a diverse array of university options beyond South Korea, ensuring accessibility for all aspiring scholars.

 Recognizing the diverse needs of students, we extend our support to international schools and universities, in over 6 countries including Malaysia, United Kingdom and United States, providing comprehensive guidance tailored to individual aspirations. At GLUhak Malaysia, we serve as your trusted one-stop solution for education counseling, university admissions, international school enrollments, visa support, and beyond.


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