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About GL Uhak Malaysia

Welcome to GL Uhak Malaysia, your premier study abroad consulting firm. Based in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur and with our headquarters nestled in the heart of Seoul, we have been paving pathways for academic excellence since 2011. Our expertise lies in connecting aspiring students from around the globe, including Malaysia, Nepal, Vietnam, and China, with the rich educational opportunities in overseas esteemed colleges and universities. At GL Uhak, we are more than consultants; we are your dedicated partners in navigating the journey towards achieving your academic dreams abroad!

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Our Mission at GL Uhak Malaysia is deeply committed to enriching the educational journey of each individual student. As an integral part of GL Uhak, a prestigious study abroad consultancy, we have expanded our expertise beyond South Korea to encompass global education opportunities. Our focus now embraces a diverse range of countries including the US, UK, Korea, China, and Malaysia, catering to a wide spectrum of academic aspirations and cultural experiences.

We are more than just consultants; we are mentors and guides, dedicated to ensuring that every university application we handle is transformative for our students. Our expanded focus allows us to connect students not only with the dynamic culture and advanced education system of Korea but also with the diverse academic environments and career opportunities available in other prominent education destinations.

Our legacy is built on countless success stories, from students exploring the rich heritage of Korea to those navigating the prestigious academic pathways in the US, UK, and beyond. We at GL Uhak Malaysia don't just facilitate access to education; we pave the way to futures that are meticulously tailored with care, understanding, and a profound respect for the unique ambitions and goals of each student we assist.

Our History


Our headquarter in South Korea has been established in the year 2011. GL Uhak initially helped Koreans staying overseas in applying to Korean universities.


GL Uhak has expanded its global operations, helping students in China, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Nepal to pursue their educational dreams in South Korea.


GL Uhak Malaysia branch has been established, as well as GL Uhak Bangladesh and Cambodia. Now, GL Uhak helps students around the world to achieve their dreams in overseas.

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