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Achieve Your Dream: From ISCMU to Becoming a Doctor in the US

Introduction: Embark on your medical journey with guaranteed admission at ISCMU, setting a direct path towards a medical practice in the US.

Capital Medical University (CCMU): A Gateway to Excellence

  • Renowned for its prestigious faculty and comprehensive curriculum since its founding in 1960​​.

  • A robust structure with 10 schools and 14 affiliated hospitals.

ISCMU’s Medical Degree Program:

  • A 6-year program taught in English, aligning with global medical standards.

  • Prepares students for the USMLE, facilitating a smooth transition to practicing medicine in the US.

GL Uhak Malaysia’s Role:

  • Ensures a seamless admission process with guaranteed spots for students.

  • Offers expert support from application to graduation.

Cost Comparison: ISCMU vs. US Medical Schools

Expense Category

ISCMU (6 Years + 3 Years Residency)

US Medical School (4 Years + 4 Years Residency + 3 Years Residency)

Tuition (per year)

RMB 50,000 (MYR 33,000)

USD 49,000 (MYR 230,000)

Accommodation (per year)

RMB 11,000 (MYR 7,200)

USD 18,000 (MYR 85,000)

Total Cost (per year)

RMB 61,000 (MYR 40,200)

USD 67,000 (MYR 315,000)

Total Duration

9 Years

11 Years

Note: The above figures are approximations and may vary based on the individual circumstances.

Conclusion: Choose a financially savvy path with ISCMU through GL Uhak Malaysia's guaranteed admission, and take confident strides toward becoming a globally recognized medical practitioner in the US.

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