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Become A Doctor In US with Guaranteed Entry

The path to becoming a doctor, often perceived as challenging and costly, is now more accessible and affordable than ever. GL Uhak Malaysia proudly introduces a guaranteed entry program to Capital Medical University in China. This program not only paves your way to obtaining a medical degree (MBBS) but also enables you to sit for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination), a key step towards practicing medicine in the US, Canada, Australia, and even Japan.

Why Choose Capital Medical University?

Global Recognition: Capital Medical University (ISCMU) holds the prestigious second rank in China's medical school ranking by Shanghai Ranking, ensuring its MBBS degree is highly recognized worldwide.

Guaranteed Entry: With GL Uhak Malaysia’s Pre-Med course, we assure your admission into this esteemed institution.

The Advantage of Studying in China?

Cost-Effective Education: Pursuing medical studies in ISCMU is approximately 1/8th the cost of similar programs in the US.

Accessibility: Unlike the competitive and limited entry scenarios in US medical schools, our program in China offers guaranteed admission, removing uncertainty and providing a clear academic path.

Why Should I Become A Doctor In US?

Highly Respected Profession: Doctors in the United States are not only held in high esteem but also enjoy substantial financial rewards.

Impressive Earnings: According to The Economist, doctors in the US have an average annual income of $350,000, approximately 1.6 million Malaysian ringgit, reflecting the lucrative nature of this profession.


Embrace the opportunity to become a globally recognized medical professional without the financial burden typically associated with medical education. With GL Uhak Malaysia, your journey to becoming a doctor in the US is just a decision away. Let us guide you through a rewarding educational experience that sets the stage for a successful medical career.

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