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Study in US Universities

The United States of America is one of the most popular study destinations by international students around the world. With great career opportunities to prestigious universities, don't miss the chance to achieve your dreams in the US with GL Uhak Malaysia.

Why you should study abroad in the USA?

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World-Class Education

USA is renowned for its world-class university with the #1 ranking university in the world being in the US. There is a reason why US is the top study abroad destination for many students.

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Cultural Diversity

US is a diverse country with many races and expats from around the world. This allows you to be exposed to diverse culture and global network.

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Global Recognition

Degree from the US is widely recognized globally. In addition, with many job opportunities in the US, a degree from here will be worth your investment.

Start Your Journey in USA's Prestigious Universities

Princeton University Agent in Malaysia
Pennstate University agent in Malaysia
Johns Hopkins agent in Malaysia
The University of Utah Agent in Malaysia
The University of Kansas Agent in Malaysia
Univeristy of Wyoming Agent in Malaysia
And A Lot More...

Can't Find the University?

We have more than the above-mentioned university which we can help you to enroll for FREE! Contact us to explore your options for FREE with us.

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